Organic Pork

“He hath given meat unto them that fear him.” Psalm 111:5Happy Hogs!

Our organic hogs are pastured all spring through fall in nice, large open areas. We own the boars and sows and we are usually right along side of “mom” when she has her babies. Our children often are holding them shortly after they are born. Like our chicken feed, our hog feed is purchased from the same Amish farmer.

Our hogs are never given any growth hormones and the only medicine they ever receive is some ashes from our wood stove and our fresh homegrown garlic.

Item Variety Size Price per lb.
Bacon Canada $6.99
Hickory $5.99
Apple $5.99
Mesquite $5.99
Honey $5.99
Chops Regular 4 Pack $5.99
Regular Thick 2 Pack $5.99
Smoked 4 Pack $6.99
Smoked Thick 2 Pack $6.99
Pork Steaks Regular 2 Pack $5.99
Ham Fresh $5.59
Smoked – Hickory $5.99
Smoked – Apple $5.99
Smoked – Mesquite $5.99
Smoked – Honey $5.99
Steaks – Hickory $6.99
Steaks – Apple $6.99
Steaks – Mesquite $6.99
Steaks – Honey $6.99
Ribs Regular $5.99
Baby Back $5.99
Roasts Shoulder $5.49
Loin $5.99
Boneless Loin $6.99
Tenderloin $7.99
Hocks Fresh $3.99
Smoked $4.49
Sausage Breakfast Bulk $4.99
Breakfast Patty $5.49
Breakfast Link $5.49
Brats Patty $5.49
Brats Link $5.49
Polish Fresh Bulk $4.99
Polish Fresh Link $5.49
Polish Smoked Link $6.49
Italian – Sweet Bulk $4.99
Italian – Hot Bulk $4.99
Italian – Mild Bulk $4.99
Bacon Burger Patties Patty $6.49
 Side  Half or Whole – This includes all fees for slaughter, processing, links, patties and smoking.  Will be delivered to the market in which ordered. $3.09

Our daughter Taylor holding a new-born baby piggy

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