About Us


I, along with my daughter Taylor, sons Kyle, Ethan, Ryan, Evan, Ethan and Aaron want to welcome you to The Garden Gate Farm™. We are practicing Wistler Old Order Mennonites. We have electricity and running water.

Our mission is to provide wholesome food that is both nutritious and flavorful, meanwhile incorporating sustainable, organic farming practices. This is accomplished best when both the farmer and the consumer create a solid working relationship that benefits everyone- financially, nutritionally and ecologically.

We believe in and practice natural organic farming. We use raised beds, companion planting, composting animal manures, and all-natural organic herbal field sprays and fertilizers.

Planting time

Planting time:  Seeds used at The Garden Gate Farm™ are never genetically modified types. Our seeds are certified organic – no GMOs (Genetically Modified) or GE’s (Genetically Engineered) here! Occasionally, we are unable to find organic seed in the varieties we prefer. We then find alternative seeds that are untreated and save our own. We’ve been saving seeds for several years and now put our shovel to the ground in an act of faith that sustaining the organic way of centuries past is true wisdom.

As a CSA farm, we share the risks and benefits of environmental variables such as flood, drought, natural disasters etc… This changes the traditional role of farmer and consumer. Working together cooperatively, we share the year’s harvest and economic responsibility for good land management. We, the farmers, estimate the economic needs for the coming year to sustain the work of the farm. Each share member enters into a preseason agreement in which he or she agrees to pay a portion of these estimated economic needs, and in return receives a share of the produce harvested over the growing season.

Together we can rebuild traditional relationships between urban and rural people’s outside the modern agribusiness environment, making us neighbors again.

The Smith Family -The Garden Gate Farm™

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